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The whole hair and skin care range is organic as majority of the ingredients we use are organic.

According to NASAA (National Association of Sustainable Agriculture Australia), to be classified as organic, skin care products must contain at least 95 percent of organic ingredients with all other ingredients naturally sourced and derived.
We use more than 95% of organic, wildcrafted, even garden grown ingredients with the remaining few being natural or naturally sourced.
Argan oil

The ingredients used in Bare Touch provide solutions for specific hair and skin conditions

There are hundreds of remarkably common herbs, flowers, berries, fruits, vegetables and plants that serve all kinds of important purposes in hair care.

We choose them based on the benefits they provide, how well they address a particular issue and how quickly they can rectify the problem.

What works for what?
Mortar with herbs

Every ingredient is tested for quality

We ALWAYS test every new ingredient for its quality, regardless of its advertised expectations or how renowned the supplier is.
Products containing all natural ingredients can cause skin reactions in susceptible individuals, especially if the products contain essential oils. If you have sensitive skin, please, do a patch test before use.

Before you purchase any of our products, check the ingredient list to make sure you don't buy something you could be allergic to. Before using it on your skin, apply a small amount somewhere on your cheek to see if there's no allergic reaction of any kind.
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* Xantham Gum is used as a binder in many natural skin care products, and it is usually created from corn or wheat.
As it is hard to trace its sources, we have chosen not to use Xantham Gum and keep Bare Touch products free from genetically modified organisms and safe to use for people with wheat allergies.

This is why our bottles need a good shake before use.
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Our whole range is made in Melbourne, Australia.
All products are offered exclusively online.
Organic                             Wildcrafted                               Garden Grown                             Made to Order

Organic     Wildcrafted     Garden Grow     Made to Order

Organic                                   Wildcrafted                                   Garden Grown                                  Made to Order