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Organic                                   Wildcrafted                                   Garden Grown                                  Made to Order
Organic                             Wildcrafted                               Garden Grown                             Made to Order

Organic     Wildcrafted     Garden Grow     Made to Order

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But  be  patient;
the  impossible  may  take a  little  longer  than  the  difficult.



Good news is that the bald patches have had significant regrowth and I have a full head of hair again - Jeff, Knox, Australia

(Please, note that the Boost is a cosmetic, not a hair loss treatment.
Jeff was fortunate that it helped him with his alopecia, although we cannot claim this product is a cure)
Miracle Products - J.M., Australia
I've always had very fine hair which made me feel extremely self conscious.
The difference is so significant, my hair looks healthy and shiny like never before that I don't want to stop using The Boost.
- Emily, Melbourne, Australia.
I completely ruined my hair with regular dyeing and bleaching, straightening every day.
After using  the Herbal Boost just a few times my hair looks spectacular and I'm collecting compliments wherever I go.
- Chantelle, Australia
Tibetan Oils Hair and Scalp Boost
Herbal Extracts Hair and Scalp Boost
Tibetan Oils Hair and Scalp Boost
Herbal Extracts Hair and Scalp Boost
Have you heard about the trend 'reverse washing' or 'conditioning before shampooing'?

While a new way of washing for some of us, many women have been washing their hair this way for centuries.
Conditioning before shampooing nourishes the scalp and hair without flattening it.
For hair that looks especially thin, heavy or frizzy, you can use this method to give it an extra boost.

By shampooing after, you can avoid product build up from conditioners.
Reverse washing can stretch the lifespan of your hair style and extend time between washes.


The masque (brown) made my hair look fantastic just after one application. No more dull frizzy strands for me, thank you! - Meagan, Avalon, NSW, Australia
Amazing how my completely damaged hair changed after one use.
Just ordered a few more bottles for my sister
- Judy, Tasmania
Extremely good for my hair. And I love the marine composition. - Maggie, Vic, Australia
Blonde Hair Masque
Brown Hair Masque
Dark Hair Masque
After Sun Hair Masque
Marine V
Hair masques help balance moisture content of hair and scalp, and nourish them with all the goodness of different plants.

Great for frizzy, dry hair or curly hair that's lacking bounce; great for long and short hair, great for any hair type.
They will treat all damaged conditions from chemical to physical, i.e. from colouring to over drying or heating to sun damage and everything in between.

Hair will be significantly softer, shiner and perfectly manageable with a noticeable improvement in fullness and enhanced tone of colour.


Lashes & Brows

I love that this product doesn't irritate my eyes at all. I've been using it for over a month now and definitely my eyelashes look fuller and longer.
And my eyelids look so much YOUNGER!
- Liz, Melbourne, Australia
Being 60+ I started using it on my eyebrows with mixed feelings of scepticism and hope at the same time.
The eyebrows used to be my pride not that long ago but with time they almost disappeared and whatever was left became almost invisible.
So to be able to stop using an eyebrow pencil to draw thin fake lines is an enormous joy. Recommending your serum to all the women I know :-)
- Jen, Northcote, Australia
Lashes and Brows Intensive Serum
Eyes are the focus of your face. Eyelashes and eyebrows are a frame for the eyes and essential elements of face beauty.

Lash & Brows Intense Serum™ is designed to promote longer, thicker, darker eye lashes and brows.
This formula helps prevent lashes and brows from looking sparse, short, and thin.

With regular daily use, it may help achieve fuller, longer, and more youthful-looking lashes and brows with less breakage and without the undesirable side effects commonly associated with commercial lash enhancing products.

It will also improve the delicate skin around your eyes and on your eyelids by working on fine wrinkles at the same time.
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