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Beans for Hair


Beans and legumes are not my favourite foods. I will eat them but by no means they are something I miss.
Sometimes I am even surprised how tasty a bean dish can be and I will promise myself to have them on regular basis only to forget to include them in my diet for many months.

So, I envy people who eat them regularly because they are great for hair and for countless other ailments.

One day I found out about the Bean Queen, an American woman, a nutritionist and a scientist who, after saving her youngest baby’s life, developed her own program called The Bean Protocol.

Intrigued, I listened to a few of her podcasts and immediately I was sold on the idea of eating beans for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
The benefits were simply too great to be dismissed.
2 December, 2023
I even had an online appointment where we discussed my new diet and naively, I thought I would not have the slightest problem sticking to it.

Even if I could eat majority of my favourite foods, after a week of religiously following the plan, I quit. I quit because I was too full. Unfortunately, I did not introduce it in a few slower steps. Maybe if I did, I would succeed.

Nevertheless, I found many testimonials of people who introduced beans into their lives with a great success. Beans and water. The Protocol calls for drinking plenty of water as well. Even if they do not follow the Protocol one hundred percent, they still have significant results, and their hair and skin are an undisputed proof.

The main purpose of the Protocol is to detox the liver and every other organ, especially the intestines, at the same time. Beans with water form a gelatinous substance which will do miracles for cleansing your organs and bringing them back to functioning as they were intended to.

As a logical consequence, your skin and hair will reflect the changes on the outside, very often with outstanding results.

The woman I am talking about is Karen Hurd, the Bean Queen. You can google her if you are interested to find out more.


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Organic                                   Wildcrafted                                   Garden Grown                                  Made to Order

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